Can I Freeze My Meals?

Yes, many of our meals can be frozen and will retain their flavor and quality. Look for the “freezer friendly” designation on your meal container to see which items hold up best.

Can I Freeze My Meals?2021-09-07T03:40:12-05:00

Are The Containers Recyclable or Compostable?

Our entrée containers are compostable (with the exception of the thin plastic covering) and all other containers are recyclable.

Are The Containers Recyclable or Compostable?2022-08-12T20:40:20-05:00

Are The Containers Microwave-Safe?

The containers are microwave-safe. However, we suggest you follow our suggested reheating instructions and use your stove or oven for the most delicious results.

Are The Containers Microwave-Safe?2022-07-04T10:05:39-05:00

How Do I Reheat My Meals?

Our meals can be reheated on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave. Reheating instructions vary per dish and are included below the nutritional information.

How Do I Reheat My Meals?2021-09-07T03:31:55-05:00

How Long Does the Food Stay Fresh?

All of our meals will have a best-by date sticker on the package. Please note that these dates are not hard expirations, but rather an indicator of peak freshness. We encourage people to use their best judgement if consuming a product after it's best-by date. A general rule of [...]

How Long Does the Food Stay Fresh?2023-07-10T13:54:33-05:00

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