Why are all of our meals dairy-free?

Going dairy-free is more common than ever before and we understand that the decision to do so is not a unanimous one. People may choose to avoid dairy due to lactose intolerance or allergies to milk proteins. Perhaps, people are refraining from dairy due to other health concerns or for ethical reasons. Many people also simply feel their best when adhering to diets which abstain from dairy such as Paleo or Vegan. No matter your reason, we don’t believe that eliminating dairy means you should have to compromise on nutrition or flavor.

In our dishes, we create everything from creamy dressings, “cheese” sauces, and luxurious desserts without ever compromising on our dairy-free values! It’s all of the flavor and fun without any of the ingredients you don’t want. We know that eating dairy-free isn’t always the easiest, so we love knowing that we get to make people’s lives a little easier by doing the hard work of creating dairy-free dishes that are delicious, too. We’ve been proudly serving Chicago’s dairy-free community with our meal delivery for over 10 years and we plan to keep doing so for many years to come!