How Are The Meals Delivered?

Kitchfix orders are delivered in an insulated and sealed cardboard box. Ice packs are included to keep your meals at a safe temperature. Learn more about our packaging here.

How Are The Meals Delivered?2023-01-24T14:04:35-06:00

Should I Tip My Driver?

Tips are not required or expected. If you would like to tip your driver, you may do so in cash. If you would like us to add a tip to a credit card, simply email us at

Should I Tip My Driver?2021-09-07T04:12:56-05:00

How Do I Know When My Food Will Arrive?

Your food will arrive between 8am-5pm on the day you selected at checkout. You will receive a text message with your driver's ETA when they're on the way to you. You will get another text when your driver has arrived, so you know right when to be available. [...]

How Do I Know When My Food Will Arrive?2022-08-12T20:36:06-05:00

When Do You Deliver?

We deliver Sundays and Mondays from 8am-5pm, weekly.

When Do You Deliver?2023-12-07T14:46:20-06:00

Where Do You Deliver To?

We deliver to addresses throughout Chicago and the suburbs; please visit our delivery area page to see if we deliver to your zip code.

Where Do You Deliver To?2022-08-12T20:37:44-05:00

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