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KitchFix PFS

Kitchfix Performance Food Services provides food service management for all your hospitality needs. We’re known as “The Best in the Bigs” due to our client-first mentality and our nutritious, flavorful food that professional athletes, top talent, and management rely on.

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Your powerhouse partner for healthy, inclusive and mouthwatering food. Choose between a range of options and menus to fuel your team today!

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Meet Kelly – a loyal Kitchfix customer since 2016. Kelly’s demanding job typically results in 12-hour work days. So taking the time to prepare a healthy meal just wasn’t going to happen for her.

“Kitchfix makes it easy to eat a healthy and delicious meal after a long day at the office with practically zero prep time (unless I need to preheat the oven) and prevents me from ordering pizza…again. I love Kitchfix’s perfectly-sized portions, that they’re easy to reheat, and there’s a variety of meal options so I am not always eating the same thing.”


Meet Ashley – who turned to Kitchfix to refocus on eating paleo while working full-time and pursuing her MBA.

“I will forever be grateful to Kitchfix for helping me keep my health in focus. I noticed I was having digestive issues because I wasn’t prioritizing healthy eating—dinner was often chips and guac, or something I could snack on through homework. Kitchfix made returning to paleo eating effortless for me.”


Meet Shannon – who needed a clean eating program to combat an intrusive inflammatory disease while dealing with complications from multiple thumb surgeries that left her unable to cook for herself. Shannon is down 30 pounds so far, and she’s feeling empowered and healthy.

“My dietician recommended Kitchfix, and I love it! I started losing weight, and the rest is history! I really appreciate the quality of the food – especially because it’s pasture-raised, grass-fed, and healthy. Nothing fake going here. It’s the real deal!”